Hi, I’m Thomas S. Groth.


I’m a different kind of lawyer.

The kind of lawyer who focuses his practice on people, not particular areas of the law.

I want to change the attorney-client “relationship” for good.

By making it an actual relationship.

Want to know why?

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I’m a Concierge General Practice Lawyer.

I started this practice because I had a vision of how lawyers should interact with and provide service to their clients. Some lawyers pretend that we are the gatekeepers to this mystical world of law that only “attorneys” can truly comprehend. I disagree. I put my clients in the driver’s seat and take a transparent and honest approach to the practice of law. I am a strong advocate for my clients, because I make sure that I know what they are after. Open lines of communication play an important role in this dynamic. That’s why I never bill my clients for the time I spend talking with them.

Two major elements contribute to the concept and mission behind a concierge general practice law firm. “Concierge” refers to the way I deliver legal services, and “General Practice” refers the variety of legal services I provide.

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Concierge Service

Concierge services means that I will meet you on your terms. I travel all over the state of Connecticut for meetings and court appearances. So if you’d like to meet in person, but you can’t make it to my office during business hours, I will find a way to meet you where you are.

I operate purposefully with the understanding that this is a modern world and that I am a modern Attorney. Certain services require at least one in-person meeting (such as a will signing, or a real estate closing, for example) but many services can be provided by correspondence. Technology also provides us with several ways to communicate that achieve the benefits of in-person meetings while allowing everyone to stay where they are most comfortable.

We can meet anywhere

For now, I have one office location in Naugatuck, CT. I do have plans to expand into more locations within the coming months.  I will never have an office in every Connecticut city, but that’s ok. Why? Because its a modern world and I’m a modern lawyer. Technology makes it possible for us to meet  anywhere.

Are you on Skype? Lync? Google+? Facebook? Facetime? Well, guess what? So am I. And I’ll be happy to meet with you face-to-face using any of these services. I am also available for good old fashioned “teleconferences,” so we can meet over the phone as well.

Sometimes clients want an in-person meeting but can’t make it out to my office. I am more than happy to make my way out to them.

24-hour response guaranteed

I e-mail, fax, text, and send letters when communicating with my clients. It all depends on what we are working on and what my clients are comfortable with. I will always respond to client questions or concerns via one of their preferred methods within 24 hours. Sometimes questions and concerns are better addressed during a phone/video call or an in-person meeting.

General Practice Law Firm

I am a general practice lawyer. So what does that mean? Some might say that it means I focus my practice on a variety of services. But I think those people miss the point. I provide a variety of legal services because I focus my practice on my clients’ needs. Unlike some lawyers, my practice wasn’t started to serve a certain “niche” or a particular area of the law. My practice was started to serve people.